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A fun way to build your capital

April 25, 2014 • radioplusz

As you grow older, it becomes more and more important to build your capital. Although money isn’t everything, being in a good financial situation gives you more freedom to make time for the things that really matters in life. Not only do you want to be able to provide for yourself, but you want to have something to leave behind for your family. There are of course many ways of building your capital, such as saving for example. However, one of the most popular forms of investments these days, especially amongst younger people, is to invest on the forex market, or by trading binary options. So let’s go over what these two forms of investments are and how they work.

Forex trading

Forex trading started to become really popular a couple of years ago, and ever since the first couple of trading websites went online, the popularity seems to be increasing steadily. Forex trading have always been around, but only became popular among private investors recently. The way it works is pretty easy. The forex market is short for the foreign exchange market, and trading on the forex market basically means that you buy and sell different currencies. The idea is simple – Your goal is to buy a certain currency at a price that is as cheap as possible, and then wait for the exchange rates to change so that you can sell the currency for a price that is much higher than you originally bought it for. This might sound easy, and for someone who knows what he is doing – it is! However, it takes a while to learn, and you don’t just want to be randomly buying currencies, hoping for their value to increase. When you trade on the forex market it’s important to keep updated on current events that might change the exchange rates. A good way to get started on the Forex trading market is to read the articles available on for example, which us a good starting portal for anyone looking to start trading on the foreign exchange market. There you’ll find beginners guides as well as more advanced strategy guides.

Binary options

Binary options is quite similar to forex trading – it’s easy to understand, but you do need some skill in order to profit from it. Binary options also offers trades on the foreign exchange market, but here you can also trade stocks, commodities and indices. Unlike traditional trading, binary options doesn’t offer the option to sell an asset at any given time. Instead, you will buy an option under the assumption that the value of the asset will either increase or decrease under a certain amount of time. When the previously specified time frame has been passed, you will be rewarded if your assumption was right. Often the reward will be as much as 80-90%! If you are wrong, however, you will lose your full investment. Binary options offers some of the highest rewards on the financial market, but it also comes with quite a lot of risk taking. Therefore, it’s very important that you don’t start trading with your whole capital before you are absolutely sure of what you’re doing. Start off by learning how Binary options actually works at sites like, which is an online trading portal where you can learn the basics. They also have reviews of several brokers that are popular around Europe and the USA.

If you are someone who’s just started to look for ways to invest your money, I warmly recommend that you take a deeper look in to these two investment opportunities!

Guide to online bingo

February 25, 2014 • radioplusz

Most people have tried out bingo at some point in their life. Most commonly is perhaps when you’re a kid and you get to try the game out in school, during a day of other activities. I think that most people at least have an idea of how the game works. In any case, about ten years ago, when bingo was launched online, it increased massively in popularity, and now millions of players from around the globe are enjoying this game in various online bingo rooms on the internet, at websites like or similar sites. One of the biggest reasons as to why bingo on the internet have become hugely successful is without doubt the fact that it’s now so easy to access the games. Back in the day, if you lived in a town or a city you would have had to leave your house and take a stroll down to the local bingo hall in order to be able to enjoy the game. Nowadays, all you have to do is just simply open your laptop, get comfortable in your sofa and then open the game up and start playing. If you are still not sure on how bingo works, I have come up with a little basic guide that explains all you need to know about the game.

Basically, bingo is a variation of lotto, that we usually play using 75 numbered bingo balls. Before the games start, players can purchase cards which are numbered as well. When you play live, you will typically play with one card, but when playing online you can often play with up to ten cards, as you don’t have to fill in the cards yourself. After the purchases are done, the bingo round will start. As soon as the round starts, each ball that is being drawn will show up, and the players mark their cards accordingly. The object of the game is to get a winning combination, and in the first round this will be a full line of numbers on your bingo card. Once a winner has been called, the second round starts, where the goal is to get two full lines, and it keeps building in the third and fourth round. Lastly, in the final round you’re meant to get a full house, i.e. get all the numbers on a card called. Some websites offer a jackpot on this final round, but for it to be paid out it is usually under the circumstance that you hit your full card within a certain amount of called balls.

Bingo is probably one of the easiest game sin the online gambling industry to learn, and that is probably the main reason to why it became so popular so quickly. It really is quite an exciting game, and most people seem to think that it’s really fun. At, you can read several interesting articles on the game of bingo online, so it’s a great place to start if you’ve never played the game before. What makes it even better is that they also have a list of bingo websites that they have reviewed, which makes it easy for you to find a bingo site that suits you. On top of that, they will also keep you updated on the latest bonuses in the online bingo world. Bonuses are a huge deal when you play bingo, and many websites can offer you deposit bonuses of up to 200% of your original deposit, giving you a much better chance of winning big when you go and hit the bingo rooms!

Finding the best slots

February 23, 2014 • radioplusz

Slot machines keep increasing in popularity amongst casino players from around the globe, and they are today by far the most played games in the casino industry. The success behind the slot machines is that they are easy to develop and you can make a lot of different variations on the slot machines. They are not like roulette, for example, which will always be the same game. With slot machines, each slot is different from the previous, which makes it very interesting. In this article I want to give you some information that can be useful when you starting playing away at the many slot machines that are available to casino players today.

So let us first start off with how to find the best slot machines. My best tip would be to visit a site like Eurogambler, which is a website that ranks casinos that are popular after a set of different criteria. Here, you will be able what types of games the different casinos offer. It’s important to understand that a lot of casinos are focused on different types of games, so if you are a slot machine player, you might not want to start playing at a casino that is mainly focused on roulette, for example. At Eurogambler, you will be able to find out which kind of slots each casino offers, and that way it’s much easier for you to find a casino that suits you well.

When it comes to game developers, I would recommend that you play at a casino that uses one of the three market leading game providers: Net Entertainment, Microgaming and Playtech. These three companies are all known to create some of the worlds’ best slot machines. Net Entertainment is probably the one that is the most popular game developer today, especially among European casino players. You can find a ton of different online casinos offering Net Entertainment’s games at, which is a game portal that has reviewed most of the popular NetEnt casinos around today. Net Entertainment has almost a 100 different slot machines to choose from, and some of them are really classic, such as Jack and The Beanstalk, which is based on the popular fairytale about the boy who climbs up a beanstalk to find a castle up in the sky. Another popular slot machine is Jack Hammer, which is based on old comics, and feature several special features, such as sticky wilds, and freespins.

When you are playing slot machines, you should try to find a casino that offers you freespins when you sign up. Some casinos do this, and this measn that you will get a certain amount of freespins straight after you’ve signed up to the website, which gives you an opportunity to win money without having to risk losing anything. is a good casino portals that has a lot of freespins offers available at various casinos – You can visit in order to find some really good offers. Apart from casino bonuses they also offers a bunch of gaming guides, such as this Blackjack guide!